Progress Made

Well, the page is almost done now. The good thing about extending the time to do these things has been that I've improved many factors of the site. (I even came close to redoing the entire thing in a new style of page, that can wait for another year.)
A few items to add still including at least one more section for projects.

More Photogrphy to be uploaded soon. Possibly within 24 hours.
Ideation for one of the projects needs to be added in.
Sketches section to be added. May be done within a day or two.

Otherwise, it is done (aside from the issue with the instagram feed.)

I have:
-Redone three images on the Vision GT page (improvements. a new image will come soon)
-Added a Renderings page (which will probably be added to)
-Adjusted "The Designer" to be one section, adding the contact information
-Added a page for my side project of an iPhone 5 dock
-Added the Cafe Chair (may change slightly soon)

Feel free to let me know if a link or other doesn't work.
I hope everyone is having a great week.

Posted on August 20, 2014 and filed under Industrial Design, Portfolio, Website Updates.