Complete (for the time being)

The website is complete for the time being.
I have added two items to the 'Renderings' page:
      - Duo-tone painting on coloured paper
      - 4th year Auto Photoshop Rendering
The 'Sketching' page has been added and contains:
  - Automotive  - Soft & Hard Products and Accessories 
  - Furniture  - Structures  - Form Exploration
There have been about 3 photos added in ' Photography'
A graphic change has been made for the projects for "Concept", "Process" and "Final"
Lastly, one small change in the 'Cafe Chair' page.

To come at a later date includes:
      - Bicycle modification
      - Gradual addition of photos

With that, thank you for you patience.
Any blog post in the future will be for traveling (photo related), new side project (added on the page or not), possible business news and potential page updates.

Thank you and have a good week!

Posted on August 27, 2014 and filed under Industrial Design, Portfolio, Website Updates.